Thursday, January 19, 2017


2017 is here!

A whole new year with twelve months of adventures to get stuck into, if you wish!

I am not one for making New Year resolutions but rather choose to construct the year with a vision and some goals on what I would like to achieve. At the end of it, it is merely a case of sitting down after it all and comparing notes to see what has been achieved.

Life is not about 'things but rather about 'moments. Well! That is how I see to it.

“Things" just give you temporary pleasure whilst “moments" give you the pleasure of evaluating your soulful achievements and sometimes your failures, but in the end it also give you lasting memories and hopefully some wisdom to go with it.

I harp on it, hinging maybe on the risk of boring some, but the 2300km Freedom Challenge race across South Africa was incredible and definitely a start and hopefully birth of many new moments to come.

For those interested, here is a half hour video on my 2016 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa. Copy & Paste the link into your browser and hit enter...& turn up the sound.

Raising funds for the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town where deaf kids are taught to speak was also once again one of my highlights in 2016 and all going well, planning and waiting on feedback for applying the same in 2017.

January is nearly over and in late February all going well, even though the planning is already 99% concluded, the start of some fresh new moments will begin!

 I’m excited!

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