Thursday, December 8, 2016


Like a freight train, 2016 is running, in actual fact, screaming along threatening to slam into the stage curtain walls and rip them off from their fittings.

23 more days and 2016 will be a distant memory of what has been...
Victories and losses. Elation and disappointments. Solitude and adventure. Yet, I feel that 2016 has probably been my most personal best and incredible year to date! It stands out as the year of personal achievements, goals set and goals attained. Its been a year mixed with wisdom and experienced gained. Its been a year of realizing, truly realizing, that if you dream it, you can do it! And if you have enough self belief, you can achieve whatever you set your mind on doing. If you believe you can succeed you will! I've met some incredible people along the way and in some way it has also changed the way I view the world through my own eyes, somewhat.

Coming into 2016, there had been plenty unfinished business and I can settle my mind that the deals were realigned as well as the deals have been sealed. Deep down there are so many people as well as companies and businesses that had an impact on my belief system, changed the way I looked at things as well as assisted me and had me driven to discover my hidden resolves and perseverance. The highlight of  2016, most certainly was racing the Freedom Challenge race across South Africa and finishing the grueling 2300km non stop single stage race. An ordinary working class guy juggling training, work and family commitments, minor setbacks and the normal day to day activities and succeeding in this was an ultimate dream come true and a massive goal achieved.

2017 will bring with it, its own challenges and goals and no matter what comes your way, we must always remember, life happens. You either will or you won't. You either do or you don't. You could succeed or you could fail but the common denominator in it all, is it is about choice. You decide.

I need to mention a special thanks again to the companies that became part of my year in some way and no amount of gratitude would be fitting or enough. The service, the top notch equipment and general involvement went a long way to aid and be part of my 2016 successes. With goals set for 2017 and more crazy adventures planned, it would always be great to have companies like this on your side. A big thanks again to Adventure Inc, Buff SA, Sea to Summit, Osprey, FutureLife, Chain Reaction Cycles, Panda Sportwear, Leatherman and Led Lenser.

As I also moved to raised funds for a deaf school in Cape Town whilst completing some of my 2016 challenges, a big shout out goes out to those that made contributions in 2016! Honoring their confidentiality requests, it is nevertheless, big thank you goes out to them!

After taking much time off the bike, I have had to take stock of where I was at. It is early December and my base training has kicked in for the first time. I had just really taken some time out, indulged in one or two small races, the odd bit of riding but just couldn't get a training program kicked off. So! I took more time off. In this time, the adventurous mind has been skirting the horizon and there are some challenges that I have committed to mindfully, going forward... 

There are some plans, papers, maps, ideas and as mentioned goals on the table. 
Without the goals, there would be nothing. 
All going well, 2017 will be epic.....

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