Saturday, May 21, 2016


And so a month has passed since my last blog post!

Plenty has been happening and behind the scene one would say. The days are numbered and at the time of writing, so it is 19 days to go to launch! The Freedom Trail calls and the long awaited start day is near. Miles of training, sweat, energy bars, gels, recovery drinks, gear testing, experimentation, highs, lows, bike services, sponsorships, packing, unpacking, repacking, planning, early mornings, cold, ...the list is endless. Yet! it will all be put to the test soon.

I have been begrudged with some stresses in the past month but when taken all into perspective, I have been blessed with more that the stresses. Many people, far and near, close or just friends whom have been nothing but supportive in my endeavor even though I am just an ordinary guy with a sense for adventure and pitting myself against some odds that could be against anyone really. I have really appreciated the support! I am also blessed with a concerned but supportive family who have sacrificed much in accommodating my will to attempt a race as big as Race across South Africa. For that I am truly thankful as it takes a special kind of family to support you in something like this and one should not be blind to the dynamics of this!

Yes! I am excited! I am also nervous as hell! May month is taper month and as I wind things down so it is expected that some nerves will start to take up the space that use to be all the preparation and planning. The mental aspect and visualization processes kick in as I play over the map routes in my head and some I know off by heart with some early mornings waking up and thinking them through my head lying in the dark. Yet! Not to be fooled; in your head and actually being on the ground takes two different perspectives. Distant splits and notes made on the maps to be carefully adhered to once race day is underway!
I am hoping not to get too lost this year and having 'lost my previous Freedom race ride 2014 buddy to injury this year, my planning has taken a different outlook as well as strategy.

The monthly weather forecasts are being watched closely and checking to see what weather windows are open as the winter months takes the country in its grip. 

My initiative to raise funds for the Carel du Toit Center in Cape Town that teaches Deaf and hearing impaired children to speak has been very slow this month also due to having to focus my attention to my own work related matters. I am hoping this will pick up once the excitement and momentum of Freedom Challenge race across South Africa is underway.
I am still R45000 short of my proposed target.

As we wait for the days to draw near, watch this space for more development....

Time is near!!

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