Thursday, March 10, 2016


Wow! It was just the other day I dropped my last post which was in February and now we are already nearly half way through March!

So! What have I been up to? Just more and more of the same thing, many miles, sweat, effort and starting the prep for Freedom Challenge race across South Africa even though it is still 91 days away! Again, training has been going well and as spoken somewhere in the month to one or the other, I am in a good place and feeling fit! My weight is down and still working on upper body strength.The only thing that I have to keep in check is my mind. The mind is the only thing that is ultimately going to be my guide on how far I take myself! The quote saying that I have etched in my mind is “when you feeling you cannot anymore, instead of looking how far you’ve gone rather look back and see how far you’ve come!

The study of my 83 maps and more so, some of the tricky sections has been imperative for me. With just a compass and the maps for direction, the race takes on a whole different perspective and approach when doing it. Adventure at its best! Google earth online is a fantastic tool but one needs to apply realistic caution on what you see on a screen and what you’ll experience on the proverbial ground!

Twenty six 2L ice cream containers have been sourced and it won’t be long until when they will be filled up with desired comfort foods, spares and anything else you feel you may need that you can fit into them. (These will be shipped off to the 26 support station check in points along the route closer to the start date)

Still plenty to be done though! I have been fortunate to have been sponsored a new backpack, buffs and dry bags from Adventure Inc company in Cape Town and truly chuffed with the gear! (Osprey SA, Buffs SA and Summit to Sea, these guys rock!) You cannot ask for better equipment than that for a race like this!

Bike needs to be overhauled and serviced and still one or two riding gear apparels to stock up on, new Apidura saddle bag still to be tested, lift to Pietermaritzburg and collection in Cape Town already organized and and! One could swear I am ready to go right now! Not long now.

The winter months are not far off and the darkness in the morning as well as in the evenings are starting to make the days shorter. It is also hampering my other love and that is landscape photography. On the other hand it has been good though as I get to test out new light batteries and see if they can burn for up to 12 hours. It also starts allowing for the body and mind to shift into a new dimension of season change.

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