Monday, February 29, 2016


...And so we arrive at the end of February and the first two months of 2016!
Where has the time gone?

I am slightly disappointed with the slow going of the initiative to raise funds for the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town from my rural base in the Eastern Cape. Having said that, I am not despondent but rather in that I was so hoping to get the project off the ground properly like I did in 2014. I unfortunately have been dogged by other commitments which have distracted or also not given me the opportunity to focus my attention to the full extent of this cause. Yet I will continue with the plea for support.
As I always say! It doesn’t matter how much is donated or how much you can donate. It’s all about every little bit that counts and people getting involved and making a difference in a kids life! 

Please visit the AFRIVENCE facebook page and LIKE it.

To make a once off donation and make a difference in a deaf child’s life, just go to this link and look for the DONATE button, follow the prompts and you good to go!

If you are an international person and would like to make a donation, this can also be done. Go to AFRIVENCE facebook page and inbox me with a message and I will tell you how!

As I write, it is officially a 101 days to go to the Freedom Challenge start and race across South Africa! With my official start date being given as 10 June, I can now get on with the precise planning and structure of my training program.

After a direct engagement with a bee, swollen shut eye the result of, a 24hour tummy bug and a few days more than expected rest in the second half of Feb, it is still full steam ahead!
My main focus right now is attending and taking part in a one day ultra distance race to take place in April. The 15th to be exact! This race will take the form of a single stage mountain bike race over 360 km and whereby you only have 36 hours to complete the event from start. This will also prove good training for my Freedom Challenge endeavor!

My adopted 2014 Freedom Challenge friend, Fanie will also be doing the Freedom Challenge race across South Africa this year and has the same start date as I. I am looking forward to meeting up again. We have a strategy that we are contemplating but still need to sit down and discuss. Even though the race across South Africa is a solo event for riders, there is no stopping anyone from teaming up and racing together. This can prove very beneficial if you can work well together.

I have received my x 83 maps for the race and a reminder that no GPS is allowed and only a compass for assistance will be permitted. Having started re-studying the maps and using tools like Google Earth, there is a stark reminder to me just how tough this race will be and how diverse the terrain is.
A magnitude of mountains, spider webs of paths and tracks, back roads that can stretch out in a straight line for miles that could be enough to haunt you, rivers to cross and desolate valleys to negotiate are just some of the aspects of the race one can observe when doing the ‘homework. Yet, there is also that deep down sense of excitement and adventure but also the knowledge that it’s going to hurt but if you can endure you will be rewarded.


The month of March waits and the adventures that will come it…..

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