Friday, January 15, 2016


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Through the drought stricken land and at time of writing we have experienced some glorious rain!! I am so grateful!
The land is being ravished and scorched. The farmers are really bearing the brunt of mother nature's cruel ways. I have taken notice of this on many of my training rides lately and even though some of my photos taken depict a rather green and lush landscape at times, this is taken in very isolated relative areas.
However, we are called to improvise and being on water restrictions imposed over the past few days and knowing it is here to stay until there is sufficient reprieve, we are still more fortunate than some.

I have started to do some new requests as well as followups on companies and people I have approached to assist me in my cause and that is to raise money for deaf kids attending a worthwhile institution, the Carel du Toit Center in Cape Town. For this I will also be attempting the 2016 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa taking one on a 2300km journey, non stop through some of the remote places in the country. My Cause is moving along slowly and as I am well aware we are staring at and facing a possible uncertain 2016 year economically with that and all happening around us. I still believe though that we should all try look past our strife and stress and the continual bombardment of negative images and news clips that threaten to drag us down and gel us into a negative plastic ball that some may already find themselves in. I believe we as humans are much more than we think we are. I believe we all have the ability to offer something, to give something. I believe we all have the ability to hope as well as we have the ability to also dream!

I believe South Africa is hurting. A democracy that many are questioning after 22 years. I believe that the majority of our people of all races, colour and creed have hope and seek peace. Who in their right mind would want violence? Who wishes for deception? I believe many wish for more tolerance over intolerance. More peace over violence. More honesty over greed. People just want to be understood, people just want peace and harmony. I believe those willing to assist and be part of something such as what I may be doing will find peace within and harmony from willingly and wanting to help make a difference.

A previous recent training ride through parts of our "rural back yard" took us through some rural villages. We have become so brainwashed with negative aspects of our country namely crime for one, that it has become so easy to be paranoid and distrustful. Yet, when passing through these villages we received nothing but friendliness and smiles from the locals and it sort of restores your faith a little in humankind.

The Carel du Toit Center in Cape Town relies on assistance from "outside" to continue to do what they do and that is making a difference in every deaf child's life of all races attending this school, giving them an equal opportunity in their journey through life. 

Big or small, it feels good to make that difference! I'm looking for more 'recruits to join me on this journey, not necessarily on a mountain bike but in any way that is of purpose!

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