Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Training, sleeping, working, family time, chores, resting, eating, planning, thinking, dreaming, learning, experimenting and just plain living is how I'm rolling at the moment!

All is still wrapped in a bubble of positive energy as the year starts rolling out before me. Sure as any may have it, there might be a tweak of negative energy trying to sneak through the armors once in a while. The Freedom Challenge is still firmly in my focused mind, my subconsciousness, my dreaming as well as my reality. Training has been good to me up to now and I have been blessed with good health other than a serious head cold that I managed to shake off in three days just after New Year. Just this morning for the first time, I rolled over and went back to sleep after the alarm went off merely because I was content with the fact that I am not a machine and my body was crying for rest of which I responded and gave it another two hours of extra sleep. Wisdom attained over the years have told me it is the right thing to do! Recovery from any over training cannot be shaken off with a pill or a magic potion! It can cost you more than that, physically and mentally.

Training this time around is going so well at present that just past Sunday on my ride I was feeling spiritual and thanking my Maker again while I was out for the blessings of feeling really good, feeling fit and feeling strong. Yet, there is still work to do and like a fine wine, it matures as time moves through it. My goal and wish is that on that start line, I will be able to say I am positively, physically and mentally ready for the challenge that will lie ahead! Even more than I was in 2014!

Another donation was handed over towards my cause in raising funds, over January, towards the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town where Deaf children are taught to speak. This cause is still at the very forefront of my ideal and am hoping to have more positive responses over the next five months! A revisit and approach towards those that have pledged some support as well as seeking new donors is ongoing.

I spoke to a gentleman I had met more than once fairly recently and we had some discussions about making a difference as individuals. It was heartening and indulging to be in conversation with someone who practically shared the same outlook to life. It was also humbling to be informed that I was an inspiration. It just makes you feel like you doing something right!

Making a difference is inspiring, its motivating and its humbling! Making a difference about something other than ourselves is what I believe we are here for! I pray, I hope and remain positive that there will be others who will come forward and join me in making the difference I wish for towards the Carel du Toit Centre. I take no credits but believe all involved in my journey and ideals going forward deserve this!

My dream and request is to all those reading through this blog will spread the word and share with many as possible as well as follow the social links and help me get much needed exposure over and above the small network I have. 

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