Monday, December 14, 2015


Whoohoo! Another 1.1kgs lighter! And getting closer to my target goal weight!

I am stoked at the results and the spinoff of what my training plan has done for me thus far! Like tides, I have gone through many ebbs and flows through the years of being at my best in form but I am starting to believe that the structure and plan I have put in place in my quest to take on the challenge of 2016 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa could possibly just get me into the best shape and form for my age right now. In top form, I may not blitz the course when the time comes but I sure as hell will enjoy it!

Yesterday’s outing on the bike was a realization that things are coming together superbly. It is not something that words can adequately explain but best said it is rather a state of mind and physical being. Where one finds themselves in a moment in time where you really believe in what you are doing, how you are feeling and what you are thinking. It is how what you do seems effortless and where there are moments of strain but when pushing through it, you know and believe it is all worth it! I believe it is also all about harnessing your physical strength and self belief and generating something positive from it.

I am full of euphoria at present but am no fool and realize that there will come times when things become questionable. That is human nature. However, I do also believe that the greater the state of mind and level of fitness, the resolve is generally stronger. It overcomes and prevails and any negativity should quickly dissipate in its quest to take hold.  

I rode with an individual over the weekend who wanted to get into mountain biking. Just a short ride for him but it also reminded me where I started years ago. A particular relatively steep climb on the section we were riding had him walking from half way. While waiting at the top he was most apologetic about keeping us in waiting. My response was no worries. There was also no shame in the walk as I had been there as well before. The most important thing is, is the will to keep coming back until you conquer it! I have always got time for those that want to or share the passion of riding and quite willing to offer the encouragement and advice if required. I believe we should all challenge ourselves in some way or another. What challenges you can also change you for the better if you allow it to.

With building on my time in the saddle and trying to optimize my training I am almost in the zone of a 15hr week at peak. Over a 4 week cycle starting at around 10hrs and building up with a one week taper, this system is working for me. I am now at the point where Monday is a rest day to allow and factor in more recovery. 

When January starts, more experimentation with gear and weight distribution as far as what to carry will be implemented. More leg and upper body strengthening will also be a key element as a build-up in the five months leading to Freedom Challenge. My nutrition at present is mainly water as liquid replacement and natural sustenance such as nuts, fruits, baby potatoes, health bars etc. Recovery drink formulas are also part of the nutrition plan. My all time favorite being chocolate milk. Once the goal body weight has been attained and hopefully body fat count reached to an acceptable measure then more focus will be allocated to additional nutrition that would be beneficial to the type of endurance riding/racing event such as the Freedom Challenge.

While we look forward to D-Day the ‘show goes on……

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