Monday, December 7, 2015


The December month in full swing and the final run up to the end of 2015 has begun!

Its been a nice structured eight weeks gone and as said very happy with my progress. If I look back on my recorded training from 2014, this year is a hell of a lot more structured and I am really pleased with this.

The emphasis was doing short work on base and then start periodic table training. Power, speed work along with endurance being the focus and a build and recovery concept as the weeks roll by. This would also include all the other aspects of core body work and intervals.

The stats I have displayed here has seen a nice steady growth and balance of distance and time spent. There is still room for growth and targets set which will come as we move along closer to RASA. The main aspect for me is to ensure no boredom settles in as the months go by which was what started to happen in 2014. Keeping things interesting and exciting is key.

I have touched base with some sponsors this past week and some positives have been derived and left me more motivated and focused. I await more responses as time ticks on.

I am currently in a very positive and focused frame of mind and it feels really good to be in this zone. It is also amazing what some experience and wisdom can do for you when planning ahead and there are decisions to be made relating to training, nutrition and gear selection. Just this past weekend I took the time to go through some of my stored Freedom gear and it was good to have some flash-backs to last year's short attempt but also memorable.

I look forward to posting next week as I tread the pace and minefield of the final month of 2015 dealing with work, training and balanced family time....

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