Monday, November 16, 2015


Week five done and dusted of my 40 day commitment and the goal to get my body, mind and general fitness onto the right track is moving along way better than I envisaged.

Going into week six with eight more days to go to complete what I dubbed phase one of my introduction to the path of readiness for 2016, I am super chuffed with where I am right now. Once done, phase two will roll out and more on that when we get there…

Two years ago, 2013, after a five year wait and eventually pressing the Enter and pay button in August of that same year to enlist my heart, body and soul into the 2014 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa adventure  and dream of doing it, I started training immediately with much jest and vigour! So much so, with gathering more information, advice and scouring scores of blogs and write-ups of the Freedom Challenge thinking I still hadn’t gained enough insight and on what to expect, how to train, what to take and, and…

In hindsight, I just threw myself into it with no real training plan. By April, May of 2014 with all the riding done, in all honesty, I was already totally bored and tired of a bike. When the day finally arrived and on the start line I was amped but also nervous, yet nothing prepared me for that first day! I think nothing does if you have never done it before. After the crash on day three and my eventual withdrawal eight days later, I knew I had to go back! I learnt that some of our mishaps can bring us to the right places. Mistakes can also be the portal for self discovery. In those eleven days I pulled a magnitude of wisdom from it for myself. This I hope will stand in good stead going back to Freedom Challenge 2016.

For me, the race across South Africa is not about racing for me, it’s about forward momentum. It’s about the journey itself. It’s about discovering things about yourself you never deemed possible. It’s about experiencing the raw side of South Africa on a bicycle. I believe, everyone doing Freedom has their own reasons for doing it and we take away different outcomes from it in the end.

My week five of training had been a good recovery week on the bike. Yes! I lost a little more weight with the total being nearly 5kgs lost up to now. From this I can definitely feel that difference when on the bike and the proverbial ‘power to weight’ ratio starts to come into play. For those not in the know, simply put, it’s all about balancing the body weight you have to push and the power you have to push it. The law of average, the lighter the weight the easier it is to push. Now, I could write a whole chapter on this, but we will leave it at that. Let’s just say it can pay to read up and know how your body functions and how it reacts to what you do to it. The human body is an incredible machine. It can do far beyond what you think it can.

I am looking forward to reaching my first milestone in training. It is still around another two hundred days to go for the start of Freedom 2016. I am so grateful I have a structured plan moving forward. I have a supportive family which counts for plenty and I have some close friends supporting me all the way!

The Carel du Toit Centre, Cape Town cause of which I am trying to rally support has been very slow. When the first two donations came in just after launch, I was excited! I am still hopeful though and look forward to those that have made pledges going forward in due course.

If you would like to make a donation, please do @:

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