Monday, November 2, 2015


Day 20 of 40 and half way there!!

Pure Landscape

Week three ended and into the fourth I go. I cannot believe how well this is going and barring some heavy wind in the past three weeks, there has only been three days of rain whereby I still found a window in the weather pattern to get out and not get drenched. There have also been two heavy mornings of thick mist of which one I got pleasurably soaked.

Misty Morning

The weight loss as being part of my objective has been 3.8 kilos with the past week being a little on the slow side as well as the ‘cheat’ side but still with plenty willpower intact. I haven’t had as much as a glass of coke, beer, coffee or tea, touch my lips in the past three weeks and that is an achievement for me! I have been pleasantly surprised that I have had no serious withdrawal symptoms seeing I had practically cut out all my sugar vices other than two bar one chocolates, a handful of liquorice all sorts and a small bowl of ice-cream in the past 21 days. Water, water and more water along with eating six times a day in very small amounts I believe has been part of the trick.

My training schedule in week three was up from week two with 3% up on miles undertaken. 7% up on time in the saddle and wait for it! 58% up on the amount of ascent undertaken!! And I am grinning!

Not to be fooled, there have been one or two occasions where the getting out of bed at 4am has been a drag but pushing on or not is not negotiable. My train of thoughts was that I committed myself to this strategy, so letting myself down was not an option.

Dawn under lilac skies
With November 2015 here, I need to devise plans to get my Facebook page, 'Afrivence rolling a little more and with a little more exposure. Anyone having any tips and ideas, I have always been open to suggestions!

Carel du Toit Centre Cape Town could do with some funds and donations would really come in handy! I realize that there are many fundraisers going on and one I see predominantly is fundraisers for Cancer. Supporting Deafness is also a good cause as instead of being left out and shut off from the world, facilities such as the Carel du Toit Centre is also effectively giving kids a second lease on life.

The Freedom Challenge race office has been contacted with my intentions made about wanting to recce a small section of the trail in early January. Dates and time still to be confirmed but nevertheless planning can start for what I would deem a 4-5 day ride across the section I wish to transverse.

For now, the “show goes on….

Bring on November!!

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