Monday, November 30, 2015


Chapter 2 and the run up to Christmas has begun…

After my 40 day biking odyssey I hadn’t so much as planned anything and was stuck with a “what now thought” even though I had preliminary plans looking ahead but ended up taking five days off the bike. It was somewhat weird in a way as my biological clock was still ticking over for those early morning rise and shines and it was a force to reckon with to roll over and nod off back to sleep which didn’t happen in most of those events if at all. Still getting up at the crack of dawn with a mug of warm brew and sitting out the back yard taking in all the crisp air and what dawn had to offer, was rewarding in its own way before heading off to work. With the weekend spent doing some home maintenance, it was rewarding in its own kind of way. Time spent with my better half and doing something different can be a worthwhile break from the norm.

It was sort of refreshing to know I had set a goal and seen it through. I had my trusty steed seen to and a minor service with the bike shop for all the memorable and good miles that were given in a short space of time along with given a clean bill of mechanical health over and above the odd tweaking of cables, gears and brake levers was well worth a big smile.

Chapter 2 has begun and this will take me up to Christmas eve.

My weight has remained constant over the past two weeks and I would still like to see another 3.7kg go south.
The plan for the Christmas season going forward and towards the end of December month is to be spending some time with the family and extended family on the coast and some time in Knysna, South Africa where plans have been set aside to take some mountain bike rides in the Knysna forests with my brother in-law. I am really so looking forward to this!

Even though still six months away, the planning and gear selection is properly underway and has been with regard to obtaining a few accessories needed to pursue and ultimately finish the amazing adventure that Freedom Challenge race across South Africa is and can be. New robust wheels ordered from a “Black Friday sale done and ticked off. I say robust in that I feel they have been tried and tested and will do the work that is required to cover the terrain that the Freedom trail throws at you. So that is now out of the way. Fortunately with having most of the gear bought and stored from my last Freedom Challenge attempt, there will still always be the odds and ends that require upgrading. Unfortunately, mountain biking or any biking of sort has become an expensive commodity depending how you look at it. Starting from scratch can set you back a few ‘dollars and outlay if planning an adventure, expedition, endurance race ride like this. I was fortunate and grateful to had been sponsored bib riding shorts last year. I will be on the look- out this year for a new sponsor if it’s possible.

This morning with my first ride in five days after my unplanned break, I felt like a race horse at my conceived level, feeling really good, strong and with a positive mind. A break is under estimated in what it can do for your body. It was good to be out again!

Looking forward to the next four weeks ahead………….

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