Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The past week has been bliss. I recommend anyone trying to get back into mountain biking to try this. I call it the biking odyssey plan which I devised. I picked up the idea in a cycle mag I subscribe to. It’s a plan where you must ride for 40 days. A minimum of one and a half hours or minimum 25 kilometres per day which ever comes first, or go longer or further as well as include at least a minimum of 400m of ascent into each ride.

I started my odyssey eight days ago and have to tell you that with the focus on the ‘big one next year namely the Freedom Challenge race across South Africa and with a sporadic training plan up to now for reasons explained previously in this blog which was moving me around aimlessly, it has really allowed me to start focusing on the enjoyment of being back on the bike properly along with a plan. Not to forget my initiative to raise funds for the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town that schools Deaf children.

We can so easily be sidetracked by stresses, problems and issues that we may have to confront in our day to day living and we start to get too serious about life. We then forget how to have fun; well some of us that is and things may seem more a chore than an enjoyment.

I missed a day yesterday due to unforeseen work commitment which should have been day 7 and I really frowned upon breaking the past 6 day’s habit. BUT! Curve balls is what you will face in life. How you deal with it determines the outcome. Completed my day 7 this morning and felt really chuffed!

The odyssey plan can be just plain riding or it can be a blend of interval training on the bike as well as a combination of cross training - running, walking and core body workouts included the way you feel best. I am hoping to shed some kilos in the plan that I have adopted and having had the base to work off I managed to shed 2 kilos in 6 days!!

AND NO! There was no real dieting. All I have done is cut out my vices – sugar, coke, cookies, sweet, chips, beer (did have wine on Saturday though!) and just cutting down to fist size portions with a small breakfast in the morning, snack mid morning, a sandwich at lunch, a snack mid afternoon and a fist size portion dinner minus carbs along with drinking water only and nothing else.

I am so focused on my goal for next year and all because of adopting some small changes which has been long overdue. 

It proves my theory that we all have purpose within us and if we have the right plan, the right sentiment, and the right focus and implement it, the rewards can be endless even if they are personal.

Who says a person that is deaf cannot have fun! Your attitude will determine the altitude you will rise to!

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