Monday, October 26, 2015


Day 13 of 40 started today! Monday, new day, new week!

I had an incredible hour and a half mountain bike ride before work early in the morning. No photo taking (which most would know, I love to do),no dawdling, just riding from a short warm up base of 15 minutes to practically flat out for the better part of an hour and then another 15 minute cool down.

Images from Day 12 of 40

The ride was incredible! It was almost like when taking repeated deep breaths of fresh air that filtered right down to the core of one’s belly and when exhaling, feeling so alive, strong and determined! It’s in that moment in time we so often miss and take for granted. We sometimes fail to relish that point in time when we’re trying to accomplish a goal through fitness. That moment feels like time stands still, you feel and hear your heart drumming inside of you out loud. The air seems fresher. Your breathing feels ‘cleaner. When you’re giving what you have, exerting yourself and it seems so damn comfortable while you in the thick of it and you just do it thinking you’re about to break the proverbial ‘wall! It’s a rather exhilarating feeling!

13 days in of my 40 day biking odyssey. It’s going well! 3.1kgs lost in 12 days and I am still on track! Did a tad little cheating with some vino again and an over indulgence of nuts and walnuts in the week but hey! Why not live a little!

It’s been a while, almost feeling like an eternity since I committed to a regime such as this and I had also almost forgotten what it can do for you and the rewards that go with it! It’s an awesome feeling!
Around a 20% increase in effort in my second week off my first week’s base, with a slight decrease in ascent though, it was good to do in excess of 200km plus which has me feeling extremely motivated! And that was just riding, excluding the walking and running twice in the week! Building slowly.

Using a periodic training ritual, my trusty Garmin and all its stats, I will attempt to increase my coming week three efforts by 10% off of week two. It’s all a build and recovery process and strategy. If you do it right, believe me, it works! It doesn’t only make you fitter but also makes your mind stronger.

I am already viewing part of some of the route for the Freedom Challenge race across South Africa which is almost out my back door that I would like to go recon over 3 days at the end of this year. This will require that I obtain authorization from the Freedom Challenge race organizers to cross this terrain and farm lands out of race season, so watch this space…

The past two weeks have been purposeful. My biking has provided some sanity in our ever changing world and the stress that we can allow to manifest and consume us. Rising just after 4am every morning has started to become habitual and easier each time. Sometimes it’s the whole idea of occasionally not planning where I will be heading and wondering where my bike will take me, what views I will get to appreciate and what experience I will take from it that excites me. I have one added advantage but maybe also a disadvantage in that my world is a little quieter than most whilst I am biking as I don’t make use of hearing aids while outthere. When people look over a quiet valley watching a sunrise and remark how peaceful it is, believe me, it is that much more peaceful for me and I write that with a wicked smile…

With the Carel du Toit Centre, Cape Town still always in the back of my mind and we move towards the end of the year, I am still optimistic that the support will come and those donations will be made…..

                      Keeping fingers crossed!

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