Tuesday, September 29, 2015


...And so we come to the mid end of the week and month of September. 

After the last post ‘Fingers Crossed’ I made the recovery after the last round of meds and still with a heavy sinus got going in week three as stated. The time spent on the bike at present is merely just that, time in the saddle even though there is a desired schedule to be implemented. With eight months to go there is still plenty time to pick up the tempo at the focal points in schedule. I need to remind myself in my eagerness; one doesn’t want to run the risk of over training, boredom and lack of focus which can consume one if starting too hard too early and in hindsight what happened to me somewhat from August 2013 amidst the excitement of having entered my first Freedom Challenge. Now having come out of that experience and pulling valuable insight from it, one is a little more the wiser when preparing, training, competing and ultimately completing this event. 

Misty September morning sunrise

To be honest with readers of my blog and followers of my impending adventure, it was just in this last week of September that I have realized how mentally drained I have been. After all the training and efforts from August 2013 and then onto a failed attempt at Freedom Challenge 2014 after my crash, being too hard on myself and grappling with the disappointment, then a close member of family diagnosed with cancer shortly after that and the battle lost in August this year, it’s been a trying year. I have said before and again what one pulls from all this is that we are stronger than we think we are. We can sometimes give ourselves less credit than we deserve. From 2009 it has always been a dream to take part in the Freedom Challenge race across South Africa. After 2014 failed attempt, it was never going to be an option to give up on that dream. Also, the idea and actions to get involved with the deaf community involving children has been a desire for a long time. When you can relate to an environment with those that are deaf whether totally or partly, I am most at ease. 

September blaze of glory

My quest to help Carel du Toit Centre Cape Town for deaf children, in raising funds for this facility that does wonderful and positive things for the deaf children that attend, has been somewhat slow in responses but realize that more exposure and more time is required and one just needs to persevere and keep spreading the news.

Any readers of this blog I encourage you to share my story and ask you to assist by spreading it far and wide. Ultimately, donations would be fantastic and a reminder can be done securely at:


 As we start October 2015, a long overdue short break will be taken with my family. As some fitness activities will be on the cards at this time, thereafter, the schedule and focus ahead will become more streamlined and spearheaded towards June 2016.

I am looking forward to reporting on this...

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