Monday, September 7, 2015


With the first week of September behind us I am looking forward to the weeks ahead. With the entry paid in full for the 2016 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa and confirmation received the platform is set for the months ahead.

Training started off effectively as of the 1st week of September after a varied abstract pattern of activity over the past month of August and earlier due to other important matters needing attention. The mornings have been pretty chilly and getting out of bed at 4am a grind the past week, yet the rewards of getting going and out there have been gratifying. For the moment and better part of next 3 months it will be purely just riding, with a plan and also effectively known as base miles to get accustomed to the endurance riding to come. The training aim is to get to an eventual 15-20hr week on the bike. With a full day job and family commitments, it can become quite a juggling act but is do-able. I must state however, that having a supportive family can go miles whilst you putting in the time to prepare for an adventure such as the Freedom Challenge. Throw in a mix of running, walking, hiking and some core exercise should also prepare one for what lies ahead. Then there is also not to forget, training with a weighted backpack to simulate the riding sensation and get use to the rear end pressure which must become accustomed to engaging the saddle with the extra weight for long periods of time. These months of training can also lead to some experimentation with gear to establish what works best, and what not.

The second part of this story is my quest to raise as much funds for Carel du Toit Centre, Cape Town as most will know by now. Maybe I am over eager, but so wish for more additional support and am hopeful in this. This is really something close to me and support would really make this venture special and worthwhile if it is all forthcoming.

To all all readers please support my initiative towards The Carel du Toit Centre going forward, please share share share!

And so the new journey begins - Photo captured 6.40am Sunday 6 September 2015 - end of the 1st training week


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