Monday, June 15, 2015


Mid month June and sneaking a gap quickly I thought I would pen some thoughts. The 2015 edition of Freedom Challenge race to Rhodes and race across South Africa has been on the go for the past week at time of writing here. I have been having so many bouts of FOMO (fear of missing out) while watching, tracking and monitoring all the brave souls taking on this adventure, some I know or having met personally with having spent my time on the trail last year -2014. This race is an unsupported race and from the start, you are technically on your own to get to your race destination. More can be read up or about:

This race is no exploit of fantasy but merely a race of pure grit, determination and perseverance. There is nothing romantic about it, it is just purely a hard race. Yet, it is in the enduring and suffering. The humor failure and laughter. The ability to push yourself to places you never believed possible. The whole kaleidoscope image of the journey as a whole where it is just you, the vastness of the remote South African landscape and your mountain bike, the people you meet, the experiences you experience which brings on a whole new weird attraction that only those few that have undertaken to attempt this race, whether having succeeded or not, will understand.

I have undertaken to make it my goal to get to the 2016 Freedom Challenge race across South Africa. I have undertaken to again make it my goal to attempt to raise education funds for kids with the same disability I have had all my life, that being deafness. It is established that in South Africa 4% of the country’s population is profoundly deaf or hearing impaired. In numbers, this equates to close to 2 million people. With the help of specialized education there have been many who have overcome their disabilities through education, hard work and self perseverance to become outstanding individuals.

My blog and facebook page is still in the early stages and will gradually pick up momentum. Those of you taking an interest or would like to be of assistance in any form, please visit the sites by clicking on the banners on this blog page.

Watch this space as more developments on my planning, riding, training, fundraising starts to gather momentum....

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